Lovers & Haters is a new play by Rob George and Maureen Sherlock that turns the clock back to the 1970’s and shines a spotlight on the public and private worlds of the legendary, flamboyant and controversial former South Australian Premier. 

Under Don Dunstan’s dynamic leadership, South Australia was transformed from a conservative backwater into a beacon of social reform.  Like many politicians before and since, Don Dunstan’s private life placed great pressure on his public position.  While he sought to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, it was his private passions – for the arts, food and wine, heritage, civil liberty – that drove his reformist agenda.   Don Dunstan brought a brilliant flash of colour to the grey world of politics.  Love him or hate him, there has never been another politician like him.

The World Premiere season of the play was from March 6-15 at the Norwood Concert Hall as an official attraction of the 2008 Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts.

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The turbulent times of Don Dunstan